Planning Projects

Kaiser Area Structure Plan 

The Kaiser Area Structure Plan is located at the eastern edge of Black Diamond, south of Highway 7. The existing ASP was approved in 1992 and needs to be updated in order to reflect current policies and trends in development. The Kaiser Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a long-term policy document that provides land use and servicing policy direction that will guide the future development of the neighbourhood in the southeast of Black Diamond.

Black Diamond Transportation Study

The Town of Black Diamond expects future developments to take place within the 10, 20 and 30 year horizons in order to cope with the Town’s growth and needs.

Traffic Lights at Highway 7/22

Based on a commitment that the Alberta Government made to the Town of Black Diamond earlier in 2016, traffic signals have been installed along with other improvements to the existing Highway 7/Highway 22/Government Road intersection.

The previous four-way stop control intersection has capacity issues and safety concerns, especially during peak traffic periods or when pedestrian traffic is high. The overview on the page is from prior to the construction of the lights for informational purposes.