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Business Licensing

New resident and non-resident business can apply using the Business Licence Application.

Prior to applying for your new business licence, please ensure that there has been a current development permit (such as a Home Occupation Permit) issued for that use on that specific property. One of our Planning & Development staff members can assist you in determining what permits or approvals you need prior to opening.

You can submit your paperwork by: 

  • Dropping off your renewal to your local Town Office: 

Town of Diamond Valley Municipal Office

301 Centre Avenue W

Diamond Valley, AB 


Please make sure that you have:

 Checked your information on the form and that it is up to date. 

 Opted in or out of the Business Licence Online Directory and Economic Development emails.

 Included copies of all licences, permits, certificates and other documents of qualification required under this or any other Bylaw or under any statute of Canada or Province of Alberta (ie AGLC, AMVIC & AHS). These must be current and submitted yearly. Proof of a positive Fire Inspection is not required for renewal application. The Fire Department may be in contact with you to arrange fire inspection as determined by current Town policy.

□ Signed your form.


Thank you for your help in ensuring speedy processing.

Home Occupation Permits

Home Occupation Application

Home occupations are small-scale businesses that operate out of a home in a residential neighbourhood. Two types of home occupations are allowed in Diamond Valley:

A Minor Home Occupation means a home-based business with no aspects of the business detectable from outside the property. The business shall generate no client contact at the residence and shall employ only individuals who reside within the dwelling. Minor uses typically only involve a “desk and telephone-type” operation and may include contractors, professionals, consultants, and catalogue sales.

 A Major Home Occupation means a home-based business which may generate client visits but shall not change the residential character of the dwelling and accessory building. Non-resident employees may be allowed. Typical uses may include, but not be limited to, hobby crafts, hairdressing, consultants, professionals, music instruction, and tutoring.

 To determine your home business classification, please consider the following questions:

  1.  Do you have clients or customers coming to your home?
  2. Do you have deliveries to your home?
  3. Do you have employees coming to your home?
  4. Do you manufacture or produce goods in your home? For example, manufacturing furniture or producing food items.
  5. Do you store materials and equipment or park trailers/commercial vehicles on site?


The Town of Diamond Valley accepts payment (cash, cheque, or debit) at either of our Municipal Office locations, and also via e-transfer sent to or online via credit card through our Option Pay system (please note that additional fees apply for credit card payments)

Our regular business hours are 8:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday.   

Phone 403-933-4348 or email for more information.

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