Residential Density

Number of People Per Dwelling Unit
  • For the past decade Black Diamond has averaged 2.4 people per dwelling unit. This is slightly lower than other communities in the Calgary region, and reflects Black Diamond’s older population demographic.
Residential Density
  • Residential density is a measure of the number of dwelling units within an area. A common measurement is “Units Per Gross Developable Acre” – included in this measurement is land for residential parcels, local roads, laneways, sidewalks, parks, storm water management. Not included are undevelopable lands (such as swamps, gullies, steep slopes, lands subject to flooding, etc.), lands for commercial and industrial use, or regional uses such as schools, collector roads, hospitals, water and sewage treatment, and major recreational uses / open spaces.
  • The older part of Town featured large lots, rear laneways, and wide streets, and had a density of approximately 2.5 units per acre. Newer communities such as Willow Ridge and Riverwood achieve a density of approximately 5 units per acre. Smaller lots, and multi-family housing are the reason for the increased density.
  • The Town assumes the remaining vacant lands within the Town will be developed at 5.5 units per acre.
Density - 5 UPA
Density - 8 UPA
Land Requirements – Residential
  • The Joint Growth Strategy projects the Town requiring between 132 – 191 acres by 2045, and between 367 and 556 acres by 2075
Forecasted Land Req
Land Requirements – Commercial and Industrial
  • Based on historic growth rates an on an assessment of the Town position in the region, the Joint Growth Strategy projects the Town requiring between 4 – 9 acres by 2045, and between 54 and 74 acres by 2075.
Forecasted Land Req_Comm
  • The Town’s Economic Development Plan outlines a strategy to aggressively increase economic activity in the Town, ad recommends the Town secure additional lands for business development within the Town boundary.
  • In accordance with the Economic Development Plan, The Town is proposing to annex one quarter section for expansion of the existing business park.