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TIPP Termination Form

  1. TIPP Termination Submission Form
    For taxpayers to terminate their participation in the TIPP program, either permanently or due to a Council authorized Deferral option.
  2. The deadline for TIPP termination is 15 days prior to the next payment date, in order to terminate beginning with that upcoming payment.
  3. Last Name of Account Holder
  4. First Name of Account Holder
  5. If more than one Joint Owner, please separate by commas.
  6. Reason for Termination*

    Please tell us why you are terminating your participation in this program.

  7. **Deferral Programs are only offered by Council authorization, per Bylaw 2020-05. It is the sole responsibility of the account holder to obtain recalculated payments and notify the Town when they are ready to re-enroll in the TIPP program. If you require assistance, please email or call the Tax & Utility Clerk.
  8. Agreement for Termination

    I/We instruct the Town of Diamond Valley to cancel the TIPP payments. I/We understand that it is my/our responsibility to enroll in TIPP should I wish to participate again.

  9. Choose an Option:*
  10. Information Collection

    The information is being collected under the authority of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPP) Act and will be used for purposes related to the administration of the TIPP program. If you have any questions about the collection of this information, please contact the FOIP Coordinator at 403-933-4348 or by email at

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