Property Taxes

2023 Property Tax Notices

Pursuant to Section 311 of the Municipal Government Act 2000, R.S.A., Chapter M-26 as amended, the 2023 Property Tax Notices for Town of Diamond Valley properties were mailed during the week of June 26, 2023 to all assessed property owners. Town of Diamond Valley property owners are deemed to have received their tax notices as a result of the publication of this notice.

View the pie chart showing where your tax dollars go.

2023 Tax Rate Bylaw

The 2023 Tax Rate Bylaw for the Town of Diamond Valley was adopted on June 7, 2023, setting out the municipal tax rates for the year. 

Residential & Farmland Tax Rate (2023):
0.00705156   - General Municipal
0.0023414     - Education
0.000105561 - Seniors Foundation
0.009498521   - Total

Non-Residential, Linear, Machinery and Equipment Tax Rate (2023):
0.00873945    - General Municipal
0.0034505      - Education
0.000105561 - Seniors Foundation
0.01229551 - Total

Taxes Due Date: August 15, 2023

Property taxes are due August 15, 2023.  A 12% penalty on any amount owing on the current year's property taxes will be applied on August 16, 2023.  

In the event that property taxes remain unpaid after December 31, a 12% penalty shall be applied on the total balance outstanding on January 1.

Property owners may pay their taxes at any time, and may opt in or out of the TIPP program, as needed (see details below).

Paying Your Property Taxes

There are several different ways in which residents can pay their property taxes.  Please review the FAQ document to determine the best payment option for you.

If you are not making your payment in person at the office, the Town does not (generally) mail out receipts.  However, if you would like to receive a receipt for your payment, please let us know that when you make your payment.  You can also call the office or email the Tax Clerk and request that a receipt be mailed or emailed to you.

Tax Instalment Payment Program (TIPP)

The Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPP) is authorized by the Town of Black Diamond and Town of Turner Valley TIPP Bylaws.  These were aligned in December 2022.  Please read the TIPP FAQ document to learn more about the  TIPP program, and how you can pay your property taxes in monthly installments.

TIPP Forms

Please call the Town Office at 403-933-4348 and ask to speak with the Tax Clerk if you would like:

  • More information
  • To make sure you are eligible for the TIPP Program
  • To determine your monthly installment
  • To discuss a concern with your current TIPP account
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