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How is Your Property Assessed?

Residential Properties

Residential properties are assessed as of July 1 of the previous year. The assessment reflects what would have been a reasonable selling price at July 1, and then includes any physical changes to your property (additions, renovations, demolitions, etc.) as at December 31 of that year.

Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are assessed in a slightly different manner. The Province sets the process for these assessments.  They are based on lease-rate studies and income studies of comparative properties.  For more details, please call the Town Office and request to speak with the Municipal Assessor.

Assessment Resources

For more information about assessments, you can:

Contact the Town Office if you have specific questions about your assessment. If the administrative staff is unable to answer your questions, they will be pleased to give your contact information to the Municipal Assessor for the Town of Diamond Valley. He will return your call to discuss your concerns.

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