Garden & Tree Maintenance

Tree Pruning Courses

From time to time the Diamond Valley Parks and Recreation Board sponsors tree pruning courses to help our residents to maintain healthy trees in the Town of Diamond Valley. Watch for details of any upcoming courses. In the meantime, residents can reference the Town's Street Tree Maintenance Bylaw (PDF) for information on pruning trees.

Garden Water Conservation

13 Essential Tips to Conserve Water in Your Garden    The Daily Gardener, May 17 2019

Black Knot

Black Knot is a fungal disease that affects Prunus trees including ornamental, edible, native plum, cherry & Saskatoons.  This is identifiable as hard, swollen black gulls that look like tumors or "poop on a stick" that forms on tree branches and trunks.  Although it looks horrible and is found on trees that provide us with food that we eat, black knot is NOT harmful to humans.  See June 2022 The Diamond Newsletter

However, the spores from black knot can be spread to other trees, and even though some trees can survive from having it, others cannot.  The 2013 floods have made black knot more prominent in our area but there are ways to help limit it by checking your trees and shrubs regularly for signs of the disease.

  • Prune knot-bearing branches during late fall, winter or very early spring. (you want to make sure the trees are dormant if possible to reduce chances of spread)
  • Remove infected branches 6-8" below knot.
  • Cutting blades/pruners, should be disinfected between EVERY CUT.
  • For knots that can't be removed; cut away diseased tissue down to good wood at least 1/2 " beyond edge of the knot.
  • Failure to remove branches beyond internal growth will result in re-growth of the fungus.

On PRIVATE Property
It is the responsibility of a homeowner to take care of their own personal property.  If you find black knot on your property you can take the steps above OR call an Arborist or Landscaper and have them take care of it for you.

If you find it while out and about on a walk on a neighbours property, you could nicely inform the neighbour of the black knot as they may not be aware, however; it is up to the property owner what they do with the tree on their property unless it is causing undue hazards and potential property damage.

**The Town of Diamond Valley is not able to force or oblige a resident to take care of black knot on their own private property.  Black knot is not regulated by the government, so unlike noxious weeds, we are unable to mandate it be taken care of.**

On TOWN Property
If black knot is found on town property please feel free to send pictures and your concerns to Parks Management when the concern is brought forward, the tree that is found on Town Property, will be assessed by the parks crew and dealt with accordingly.
  1. Wanda Sinclair

    Parks Supervisor

  2. Craig Beaton

    Operations Manager