Promoting Local Events

Community Event Promotion

The Town of Diamond Valley invites local community organizations to submit a request for the Town to help advertise community events through our various channels  

There are a variety of advertising mediums that may be available, including:

  1. Town Entrance Event Signboards
    • entering Diamond Valley on HWY 22 by the Oilfields Hospital
    • entering Diamond Valley on HWY 7 by Rona
    • east side of the bridge next to the Lions Campground
  2. Electronic Signboard on the corner of HWY 22 at Millennium Park 
  3. Town Community Events Calendar
  4. Town's Facebook and / or Instagram
  5. Town newsletter

Guidelines for Event Submission

Before submitting an event for posting for any of the above, please review the following guidelines:

  1. A community event is a planned public or social occasion.  Public events presented by a business not directly in sponsorship of a local non-profit community organization or initiative will NOT be approved for posting.
  2. Advertising for private commercial ventures will NOT be posted.
  3. Personal messages will NOT be posted.
  4. Any classes that require payment are NOT permitted, but free classes or those hosted by a community organization with proceeds going towards local non-profit organizations are acceptable.
  5. If the event is located on or in a Town facility, it must be booked appropriately and insured.
  6. Events will be posted for a maximum of 14 days before the event date on the website and the electronic sign board; 7 days on the Town Entrance Signboards (see the corresponding page for more information)
  7. Events and programs in other municipalities which do not directly improve the well-being of Diamond Valley residents will NOT be posted.
  8. The event should be inclusive of the following areas:
    • Diamond Valley
    • Adjacent areas of the MD of Foothills
    • Other exceptions to be approved at the discretion of the appropriate Manager.

Submitting an Event

All requests may now be submitted through one convenient online form.

The Town of Diamond Valley reserves the right to decide whether an event fits the posting formats' purpose and whether to advertise any event through any medium. 

You may supply any supporting documents you would like us to use to advertise your event.  All documents should be submitted in .pdf format; all pictures should be submitted as .jpeg, .jpg, or .png files.  We also appreciate receiving Canva files if that is what you have designed your promotional materials in, as then we can copy your colours and style exactly.

The Town of Diamond Valley reserves the right to make necessary adjustments to the submitted posters and documents to fit the various advertising formats.  If time allows, the adjustments will be sent to the applicant for review.

Consider preparing graphics in the following formats:

  • Facebook: pixels need to be 940 x 788 or 1080 x 1080
  • Instagram: pixels need to be 1080 x 1080
  • Website: pixels 1080 x 1080 or 786 x 422
  • Electronic Signboard: 2:1 format; 2160 x 1080 pixels
  • Newsletter needs to be a high quality, clean image without clutter or too much background