Agenda Packages

The Council Meeting Agenda Package for the upcoming Regular Council Meeting can be found by following the link and choosing the next available date. The agenda package is generally posted by 4 p.m. 5 days prior to the Council meeting. If you are experiencing difficulty in opening the package, please make sure that your version of Adobe Reader is current. If you are still experiencing difficulty, please email the Legislative Services Supervisor.

Included in the Package

Each Council Meeting Agenda contains a Meeting Link to allow online attendance at council meetings.  Please note that if you wish to speak to Council, you will need to plan ahead or register if attending online. Please contact Legislative Services.

The Council Meeting Agenda Package will include all items contained within the Council Agenda Package, excluding any items before Council that are marked "confidential", either in whole or in part, as permitted under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection (FOIPP) Act, the Municipal Government Act (MGA) or any other legislation as applicable. Administration will also sever any attachments, either in whole or in part, including, but not limited to, correspondence, as it determines necessary, in accordance with the above-noted legislation and regulations. 

Any written submission to Council, not subject to the terms of confidentiality outlined herein, may be considered a publicly releasable document, and as such may be attached, either in whole or in part, to the Council Meeting Agenda Package.

Agenda Packages are Posted to the Website

The Council Meeting Agenda will (generally) be posted on the Town's website 5 days before Regular Council Meetings.

  1. Legislative Services Supervisor