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Community Services

  1. Community Support Grant Application

    The Town of Diamond Valley Community Support Grant Program is designed to provide assistance to area organizations, sports groups and... More…


  1. Municipal Enforcement / Bylaw Complaints & Concerns

    Please submit concerns of a criminal nature directly to the RCMP or call 911. Matters submitted using this form will be addressed by... More…

  1. Public Works & General Concerns / Incidents

    This form can be used to report garbage collection issues, street or road repair, water/sewer issues, etc. For Protective Services... More…

Dog Licensing

  1. Animal Licence Change Form

    Please notify the Town if your dog(s) or backyard hens cease to reside in Diamond Valley, or if you wish to advise us of any other... More…

  2. Temporary Dog Licence Application

    If you will be having dogs stay with you for a short period, register them for to ensure their safety and your peace of min your dog(s)... More…

  1. Dog Licence Application

    Register your dog(s) and the town will send your Dog Tags in the mail.


  1. 2024 Market, Exhibitor and Food Vendor Registration

    Market Vendors: Priority will be given to vendors offering handmade, locally-produced or locally-sourced goods and services. Final... More…

  1. 2024 Parade Registration

    Parade Line-up Information: Place: Oilfields Regional Arena 611 3rd St SW, Black Diamond Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024 ... More…


  1. Feedback

    Use this form to send your suggestions, comments or general concerns to the Town.

  1. Utility Rate Review - Resident Feedback

    The rates for water and wastewater services are under review by Council in order to move toward full cost recovery for these services... More…


  1. Change of Information Form

    Please use this form to send updated information on your organization. Thank you.

  2. eServices Agreement

    The Town of Diamond Valley is able to send out Utility Bills and Assessment and Tax Notices via email through our eServices program in... More…

  3. TIPP Termination Form

    Submission of this form allows taxpayers who are participating in the TIPP program to terminate their pre-authorized payments.

  1. Enrolment and Authorization for TIPP Payments

    Authorize the Town of Diamond Valley to draw and issue payment to the Town of Diamond Valley for Property Taxes. Payments will... More…

  2. Move-In Notification

Fire Department

  1. Burn Permit Request

    Online form for requesting burn permit within the Town of Diamond Valley

Promoting Community Events

  1. Request for Advertising on Town Signs, Website and Social Media

    Request the Town's support in advertising your upcoming community event.

Recreation and Facility Forms

  1. Flare 'n Derrick Community Hall Rental/Quote Request Form

    This form will be used to provide quotes for Flare n Derrick rental requests.


  1. Volunteer Service Application Form

    If you would like to be a volunteer in Diamond Valley, or the surrounding area, please fill out the form and submit it. You will be... More…