What is the WRSSC Sewage System Project?
  • General information 
    • WRSSC was initially formed as a commission to provide wastewater treatment to the Towns of Black Diamond and Turner Valley.
    • WRSSC is funded solely by annual requisitions to the Town of Diamond Valley.
    • Existing lagoon system consists of a series of aerated and non-aerated lagoons which operate under an EPEA (Environmental and Protection Enhancement Act) Approval regulated by AEPA (Alberta Environment and Protected Areas).  The effluent from the lagoon system discharges to the Sheep River on a continuous basis.
  • Proposed Upgrades
    • Upgrades are proposed to:
      • Meet new stringent regulatory requirements for effluent release into the Sheep River.  Parameters to be monitored include BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), TSS (Total Suspended Solids), Phosphorus, Ammonia and Coliforms (Total and Faecal).  
      • Expand to support future growth of the Community. 
  • System Improvements
    • Components to be added:
      • SAGR system for Ammonia-Nitrogen
      • Chemical injection and disk filter system for Phosphorus
      • UV system for Coliforms
      • River diffuser
    • Upgrade to the Transfer Lift Station
    • Replacement of the existing aged aeration equipment
    • Addition of backup power (generator)
    • Associated Piping, Electrical, HVAC and controls 
  • Timeline
    • On-going - Procurement of Components
    • Mar-Nov 2024 – Anticipated Construction
      • Mar/Apr 2024 – Contractor to Mobilize to Site (weather dependant)
      • Aug/Sept 2024 – River Work
      • Fall 2024 – Commissioning
      • Spring 2025 – Final Clean-up as required


  • Funding Model – based on estimates until project completion
    • Provincial AMWWP (Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership) (33.3% - $5.78M)
    • Federal ICIP (Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program) (40% - $6.94M) 
    • WRSSC (remainder of the project costs, from reserves and debentures, unless further grant applications are successful)
    • Project originally estimated at $17.34M

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