What is the transition plan?

The proposed changes will see rates aligned between the two former towns in 2024.  

In 2025, the rates for consumption charges will increase based on full cost recovery for the services.

In subsequent years, rates will be reviewed annually to ensure they keep pace with operational costs and infrastructure replacement needs.

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1. Why are utility rates increasing?
2. What do the fees and charges go toward?
3. How were the new proposed rates determined?
4. How will this impact my bills?
5. What is the transition plan?
6. What is a Full Cost Recovery model?
7. Why move to a single consumption rate?
8. How will this affect non-residential accounts?
9. How do I know my meter size for fixed rates?
10. What is Water Loss?
11. What is SRRUC?
12. What is WRSSC (Westend)?
13. What is the WRSSC Sewage System Project?