How will this program affect the local curbside recycling business?

Once recycling services begin, any private residential recycling services currently being provided will be addressed by your service provider. Commercial and apartment waste services will remain private. 

For more information, please contact your curbside recycling service provider.

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1. Why the 3-stream waste collection program?
2. Will my garbage pick up day change?
3. What day will organics and recycling be picked up?
4. How often are my carts collected?
5. What time should I put my carts out for collection?
6. Why are the green carts collected bi-weekly from November to the end of March?
7. Will the amount I pay for waste services change?
8. Will I be charged for the new green and blue carts?
9. Can I opt out of the Town 3-stream Collection Program?
10. How will this program affect the local curbside recycling business?
11. Where should I place my carts for pickup?
12. How can I fit three carts on my cul-de-sac?
13. Can I place additional bags beside my cart for pickup?
14. My cart is damaged/missing. How can I have it repaired or replaced?
15. What do I do if my cart was missed?
16. Can I change the size of my cart(s)?
17. What happens if my collection day falls on a statutory holiday?
18. What goes in my black garbage, green organics and blue recycling cart?
19. Will all recyclables be accepted in the municipal program?
20. Where does the recycling and organics collection go?
21. Can I use bags or liners inside my cart?
22. Why can’t I bag recyclables?
23. Where do I buy compostable bags?
24. Is food and yard material in the landfill really a bad thing? Doesn't this material break down into compost or soil anyway?
25. I'm already composting at home, why do I need a green cart?
26. How can I purchase some of the compost that is produced through the program?
27. What do I do about the smell of food and pet waste in my green cart?
28. Does the green cart attract pests or create odours?
29. How do I clean my cart and kitchen catcher?
30. Is it safe to put animal waste into the green cart?
31. What do I do with extra yard waste?
32. What is the maximum branch dimension allowed in the green cart?
33. Is lumber allowed in the green cart?
34. Can I put Popsicle sticks, chopsticks, waxed paper or parchment paper inside the cart?
35. Where do I dispose of pizza boxes?
36. Can I put bacon grease and cooking oil in the green organics cart?
37. What are the weights of the garbage, organic and recycling carts when empty?
38. What is going to happen to the Recycling Center in Turner Valley?