Proposed E-services Bylaw

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A New Way to Receive Your Municipal Communications in Diamond Valley


Welcome to the Town of Diamond Valley's eServices Bylaw page. We're excited to introduce the innovative eServices Bylaw, which aims to transform the way important municipal communications are received. On this page, you'll find all the information needed to understand the eServices Bylaw, how it impacts residents of Diamond Valley, and steps you can take to get involved and stay informed.

What is the eServices Bylaw in Diamond Valley?

The eServices Bylaw, known as Bylaw 2023-17, represents a significant step forward in embracing digital communication methods in Diamond Valley. The bylaw allows specific documents to be sent exclusively through electronic means, combining modern technology with our commitment to providing efficient services.

What Does the eServices Bylaw Cover in Diamond Valley?

The eServices Bylaw covers a range of critical municipal communications, including:

  • Assessment Notices
  • Tax Notices
  • Tax Arrears Notices
  • Documentation related to the Assessment Review Board
  • Documents related to tax recovery
  • Letters or documents concerning the Tax Installment Payment Program (TIPPs)
  • School support notifications
  • Other notices, forms, and information related to tax and assessment under Part 9, 10, or 11 of the Municipal Government Act and corresponding regulations

Important considerations:

As a resident of Diamond Valley, you will have the opportunity to participate in the eServices program by opting in to receive these important communications in electronic format (via email). This decision comes with benefits such as quicker delivery, reduced paper usage, and the convenience of accessing vital documents directly from your email inbox.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Opting In and Out: You have the flexibility to opt in or out of the eServices program at your discretion, in accordance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

  2. Automatic Opt-Out: If your provided email address becomes undeliverable or if the Town becomes aware of a property ownership transfer associated with your Agreement, automatic opt-out occurs, and documents are sent by regular mail.

  3. Web Portal Access: In the near future, the Town of Diamond Valley plans to launch a web portal where residents can access account information, documents, and possibly make payments. Creating an account implies consent for portal access, an exciting addition to services.

Stay Informed:

Read the Request for Decision that includes a draft of the e-services Bylaw.

Make a note of these important dates:

  • First Reading: The bylaw received its first reading on September 20.
  • Second and Third Reading: The bylaw is scheduled for discussion and consideration during the Council meeting on October 18, 2023.

Questions or Concerns?

For questions or concerns about the eServices Bylaw in Diamond Valley, contact the Legislative Services Supervisor, Verna Staples, at the Town by calling 403-933-4348. Your feedback is valuable, and the goal is to ensure you have access to all necessary information.

The eServices Bylaw signifies a commitment to advancing services and offering more flexibility and convenience when it comes to receiving essential municipal communications. The Town looks forward to active participation and engagement in this exciting initiative, as services continue to improve in Diamond Valley.