Town Entrance Sign Booking

Advertise Community Events on the Town Entrance Signs

The Town of Diamond Valley offers free advertising for community groups and events on three double-sided event signboards at key locations (in the former town of Black Diamond):

  • Centre Avenue; east entrance of Diamond Valley (by Rona)
  • Government Road; south entrance of Diamond Valley (by Oilfields Hospital)
  • 5th Street (by Lions Campground)

To find out if your event is eligible to be advertised, please view the Guidelines for Event Submission.

Booking the signs

  • Requests may be made to advertise a community event for one week on one side of all 3 signs.
  • Reservations are for Tuesday --> Monday
  • Each sign has 5 lines and hold 15-16 characters on each line (wider letters take up more space)
  • You must submit your wording at the time of booking in order to give the team time to pick your letters for your reservation.  Each line can be a combination of both letters and numbers, limited special characters are available.
  • Two user groups may book the signs during any given week.  Please view the Entrance Sign Bookings section of the Town Calendar to view availability prior to making a reservation. It is advisable to submit your request as soon as your event date is known as bookings are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. 
  • You may request to book the Entrance Signs and for Town assistance in advertising the event through other mediums by completing the form below or via email.
  • Your booking is NOT CONFIRMED until you receive an emailed agreement back from the Town.


  • Applicants are responsible for sending a representative to pick up the letters from Oilfields Regional Arena, putting them up on the signboards, and returning the letters back to the arena on time.
    • Pick up letters from Oilfields Regional Arena between 8 am - 4 pm Tuesday.
    • Return letters the following Monday between 8 am - 12 pm.
  • Groups are required to return all the letters provided in the same condition as received. 
  • In the case of damaged letters, or letters not returned, Applicants may be charged $75 for replacement. 

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Request for Advertising on Town Signs, Website and Social Media

  1. Temporary Town of DV Header - generic
  2. Request for Advertising on Town Signs, Website and/or Social Media
  3. Is Applicant the same as the Event Contact?*
  4. ** The Event Contact person's information may be published in the event advertisement. Do you agree to the Event Contact information being published?*
  5. Event Advertising - Submission Guidelines

    Please review the event submission guidelines prior to submitting your request.

  6. Please choose all the places you would like your event advertised*
  7. * The Town reserves the right to choose whether it will advertise an event on it's social media, signboard or other channels.

    ** The Diamond Newsletter is published every two months and can be viewed here. Submissions for the Newsletter must be received by the 15th of the month prior to publication.

  8. Request for Advertising on the Town Entrance Signs*

    The Town Entrance Signs refer to the three black & white changeable copy signs found at the entrances to the former town of Black Diamond near the High Country Lodge, the Lions Campground and Rona.

    Be advised that groups wishing to use the signs must send a representative to pull the letters for the signs, put them up, and take them down on schedule.  Letters may be picked up on the Tuesday of the booking week from the Oilfields Regional Arena between 8am - 4pm, and must be returned by noon on the following Monday.

    Two user groups may book the signs during any given week.  Please view the Entrance Sign Bookings section of the Town Calendar to view availability prior to making a reservation.

  9. Booking must begin on a Tuesday.

  10. Booking must begin on a Tuesday.

  11. Entrance Signs Agreement*

    By checking the "I agree" box below, you agree:

    1) To return all the letters provided in the same condition received. 

    2) In the case of damaged letters, or letters not returned, Applicants may be charged $75 for replacement.

    3) Letters can be picked up 8 am - 4 pm on the agreed upon date from the Oilfields Regional Arena. 

    4) Letters must be returned the following Monday by 12 noon..

  12. Canva is graphic design software that makes it easy for anyone to design posters, ads and other forms of media imagery and documents.  Not-for-profit organizations can apply for free Pro account for access to all the features of the software.

    If you have created the media for your event using Canva software, you can share your file with us so we can adjust the dimensions of the advertisement to fit the various advertising applications, and to make the content legible on the digital signboard. That way we can maintain a consistent look between advertisements.  

    Select "Share" and then choose "Anyone with the link" "can edit".  Remember to make a copy that you do not share the link to, so we do not adjust your original.

  13. Electronic Signature Agreement*

    By checking "I agree" below, you agree and acknowledge:

    1) that providing an electronic signature to this document is binding upon you to the same force and effect as a handwritten signature, and;

    2) that the information contained in this request is true and complete to the best of your knowledge, and;

    3) that you will update the Town if any material information about the event changes, and;

    3) that you are authorized to make this request on behalf of your organization or event.

  14. Confirmation

    Confirmation of your booking is not guaranteed until you receive an email confirmation from our office.

    Please contact if you do not receive a confirmation of your booking / request within 5 business days.

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