2019 MAP Report

In 2019, the Town of Black Diamond was randomly selected for participation in the Government of Alberta's Municipal Accountability Program (MAP).  All municipalities in Alberta with a population of less than 5,000 take part in this program on a four-year cycle.  The program was launched in 2018, and is operated under the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

Members of the MAP review team worked with the Administrative team to collect and review documentation, such as Council resolutions, bylaws, policies, election materials, forms, decisions, etc.  They reviewed the documentation to determine compliance with the appropriate statutes, such as the Municipal Government Act or the Local Authorities Election Act, etc.  The review team also attended a Council meeting to observe Council and staff at work before compiling their report.

The 2019 MAP Review Report was received by Council at the November 20, 2019, Regular Council Meeting, along with Administration's Report and Recommendations.  Both documents were accepted by Council at that meeting, including the recommendations to address the six (6) legislative gaps included in the report.  

Overall, both the MAP Review process and report were very positive experiences, and the recommendations from Administration will be addressed without the need for any additional resources.  The recommendations are required to be submitted to the MAP review team and then implemented within the required timeframe.