Website Notifications

Did you know you can sign up for specific website Notifications received either by email or by text message?  You can stay informed quickly and easily about the things that interest you!


The Town of Black Diamond website offers a variety of website Notifications that you can sign up for.  By visiting the Notifications sign up page, you can view all of the options available to you, and sign up for those that are of interest.  You can receive the notifications by email and/or by text message to your mobile device.  You can easily stay informed by receiving notifications of new postings to the News Items page, Calendar items, Job and committee postings, Bids, Tenders and RFP's, and more.  Just select the items of interest to you and how you want to be notified, follow the instructions at the top of the page, and the notifications will be sent to you when updates to those categories are made to the Town's website.

Get all of your information right from the source, the way you want it.