Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee (PRAC) is an advisory committee that provides recommendations to Town Council on parks, paths, and recreation facilities, as well as cultural programs and services within the Town of Diamond Valley. The committee aims to provide quality, cost-effective parks and recreation facilities and services that enhance the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Membership on the committee is voluntary and open to residents of Diamond Valley and those within a 16-kilometer radius of the town. Members are appointed for a term of four years with a maximum of two consecutive terms. PRAC holds at least four meetings per year, and all applications and appointments must be approved by Town Council.

PRAC also oversees the Diamond Valley Community Garden subcommittee and hosts an annual event called Project Green Day. This event takes place in May and invites volunteers to participate in activities such as river cleanup, downtown pocket garden clean up, and tree planting.

PRAC is currently recruiting six (6) new members at large to sit on the committee.  If you are interested in joining PRAC, please fill out the Committee Application Form and submit it to Legislative Services Supervisor Verna Staples by email or by phone at 403-933-4348.


Image: Legacy Fitness Park

  1. Verna Staples

    Legislative Services Supervisor

  2. Craig Beaton

    Operations Manager

  3. Les Quinton

    Recreation Supervisor